9 Hot Marketing and Sales Priorities Every Small Biz Needs to Implement

 (all in one sales and marketing software for small business) brought together a virtual panel of sales and marketing experts to get their predictions for the HOTTEST initiatives in sales and marketing for 2014.

Our experts include:  Melinda Emerson, Ann Handley, Gene Marks, Rieva Lesonsky, Anita Campbell, Seth Godin, Ginger Conlon, Rebecca Sprynczynatyk, Laurie McCabe, David Raab, Aaron Stead, Greg Head, Jeff Mask, )

These predictions include:

  • Email Marketing is NOT dead, but very much alive
  • Better communication is important. Words matter
  • The Year of of Less is More
  • Local Customer Targeting
  • Marketing on Tiny Screens
  • Video Content Is a Must
  • and many more predictions. Each prediction has advice and insight!
The predictions are in a 3 part series. Read the first part of the blog post here , second post here, the third is coming – stay tuned!
February is already here (almost). One month, of your 12 months of work is now OVER (almost).
It’s not too late to focus your efforts and do BETTER in 2014 than you did in 2013.
If you want more customers, more revenue, more sales in 2014 you must work HARD to make that happen NOW
The experts we’ve brought together, sharing their best strategies for rocking 2014 is a great starting point.
I’ve already been making great progress on my 2014 commitments – continuing to exercise, taking more notes and more. What about you?


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