Don’t Buy Twitter Followers. It Is Tempting Here’s 3 Reasons To NOT Do It

Buying social traffic can be tempting. The NY Times extensively writes about buying Twitter followers here.

With so many companies beating their chests trying to get their PR teams to boost Facebook likes, Twitter followers and Instagram views it’s no wonder that “buying traffic” appears to be a logical move.

For some, buying social traffic does work – meaning they do so more money or more something happen.

However, for small business owners who focused on genuine customer engagement and working with relevant prospects – get your traffic the “old fashioned way”.

Buy publishing great content that your tribe wants. Content they can laugh at, learn from or otherwise find useful.

Buying traffic is not good for a few reasons:

  • You end up with followers who are not truly engaged with your content
  • If you get caught it could damage your brand
  • You have an inflated sense of worth that’s not true

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