New Small Business Breakfast Series from Wix & Infusionsoft. Skin Care Company’s Healthy Growth from Online Marketing

Tara Atwood pic

Tara Atwood picLaunching February 5th, Wix (do it yourself web sites for small business) and Infusionsoft (all in one online sales and marketing CRM software for small business) are launching a fresh, new small business breakfast series.

Each breakfast will feature one successful small business owner and bring out their practical tips, challenges, success and best practices.

You’ll learn how they’ve used online marketing to grow their business. You won’t just learn of the “success” but we’ll also share their challenges and their journey – so you can learn too.

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Hosted by Ramon Ray and Annie Malarkey, our first guest in the Wix Small Business Breakfast Series is Tara Atwood co-founder of Amber Blue, the luxurious natural and organic skincare company based in Boston and New York City.  She has worked in both London and New York City for startups and large public companies in Business Development, Operations, Marketing and Investor Relations.  Her experience has given her the confidence to build Amber Blue Skin Care from the ground up.

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