Tax Season Is In 3 Months. Is Your Accounting Firm Using Technology for Better Client Service

Tax season is in 3 months. Accounting firms who are leveraging technology to the fullest will find that their overall communication with clients is smoother. I’d dare say that better communication will also be an ASSET and selling point for your company.

Being able to have clients digitally sign documents, collaborate remotely and synchronize files is good for you (the accounting firm) and good for your clients.

As I discussed with Jim Blasingame last week, clients and customers EXPECT their communication with you to be as smooth as possible.

When implementing communication technology in your business be sure to keep security at the forefront.

Train your staff and employees in how to use technology.

Leverage your vendor’s support solutions to ensure that you’re using the most upgraded technology and using it the right way.

Here’s a video from Citrix sharing how one of their customers uses file sharing and digital signatures in their business. Check it out here or below.

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