Upgrade Fast. Ditch Old Technology Faster. Ramon’s Experience In Upgrading His Phone

Last week I upgraded my cell phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4, from an aging HTC Rezound. Check out my video below (or here).

The Rezound battery life was an anemic 2 – 4 hours- under normal use. If I never used it or turned the screen on, then it would last for a few more hours. I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and hand an immediate refreshment of excitement, relief and LONG BATTERY LIFE.

My point is NOT about getting the S4 vs an iPhone (which my wife has) or a Windows phone (which my son has). The point is:

1. Know what you need for your life and business and buy technology that can meet that need.

2. When technology is making you unproductive and slowing you down – quickly UPGRADE to better technology that can get you back up to speed.

My mobile life has changed with the Samsung Galaxy S4 – what about you?

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