Your Customers Want Video. Why Aren’t You Giving it to Them? Guide to Why Video Marketing Is Important.

I asked my friend Robert Weiss, of MultiVision Digital to share his thoughts on the importance of video. He’s created an infographic, titled Why Video Drives Sales, which you should check out.

Video is a powerful tool for sales and marketing objectives due to its ability to keep one’s attention, educate, build trust and create action at any stage in the sales cycle.

While some marketers and business owners continue to put off their investment in online video marketing content their prospective customers look out for it everyday.

While we won’t YET go as far to say that “video is the new document”, consumer behavior is certainly pointing that way as we have quickly become a nation of viewers, not readers. ComScore’s U.S. Digital Future Report reporting that that 75 million viewers watch online video per day (YES, that is PER DAY) and 40 billion videos are streamed per month (YES, that is a Billion), and these numbers are, according to Forrester Research, are expected to increase over the upcoming years leading up to 2017. So if online video marketing content is not part of your marketing mix, what impact will this behavior mean to your business?

Getting the most out of business video marketing should not be a stand-alone tactic, but rather one that should be integrated into your everyday marketing and sales communication process. That’s because everyone from C-level executives to middle level managers, to small business owners and consumers are watching video more than ever to make their own decisions about your company.

If your not yet using video, here is an infographic, titled Why Video Drives Sales, that is full of useful ideas and statistics to support your business case for getting started with video marketing. For example, getting started with business video has a BIG upside – online video content typically has a 4-year life span which makes for a great investment.

So check it out and learn how marketing with video can drive your sales objectives so your customers will be empowered to select your company.

Here is the link to check out the InfoGraphic

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