$10,000 In Local Advertising or a Super Bowl Advertisement? Which One Is Best for Local Small Business Owners?

Intuit had a contest to award one small business owner an advertisement on the upcoming Super Bowl, Feb 2nd.

In a recent communication, Sage felt that a Super Bowl advertisement might not be best for a small business owner, based on a survey they took.

Sage is offering a $10,000 local advertising prize package, in a  contest, to one lucky small business owner.

What do you think? I think both companies are right!

For a local business, whose customer base and product offers are very local, thousands of dollars of local  advertising to drive new customers to their door front is probably best.

However, for small business who can delivery their products or services nationally, a Super Bowl advertisement could be awesome for them.

Shark Tank is a national show which each week highlights small business owners’ entrepreneurial dreams. My guess is that while some of the companies are quite prepared for their 15 minutes of fame, some of the companies are not. Getting a rush of national attention can overwhelm your telephone lines, crash your web server and open you up to massive opportunity or massive headache.

However, if you are prepared for your crush of new customers flooding your web site, visiting local store calling your phone line, and you’re able to fulfill product orders – the rewards can be massively amazing.

What would you like?

$10,000 in local advertising or an advertisement in the Super Bowl? Leave your comments below or vote!

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