13 Ways to Increase Your Company’s Facebook Visibility Without Spending a Dime

What is 1 thing I can do to ensure my Facebook content is more likely to be seen (and clicked on) in my customers’ news feeds — without spending money?

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1. Post Contest Information

Make your content interesting enough to be liked, commented on or shared by your network. I do a lot with quick contests for prizes, and that causes a lot of traffic to the post. This keeps it in the news feeds of my network and their networks.
Darrah Brustein, Finance Whiz Kids | Equitable Payments

2. Use Exciting Images

Images that pop out and attract attention can cut through the walls of text on your newsfeed. Pair images with a solid call to action to get some great results. If you can create a discussion in the comments of a post to drive engagement and virality, that’s even better.
Patrick Conley, Automation Heroes

3. Post From Your Profile

Facebook pages are continuing to see a decrease in organic reach as a result of changes to the news feed algorithm. In addition, Facebook wants page owners to spend money to promote their messages. With these factors decreasing page reach, try posting content on personal Facebook profiles if you feel comfortable. The reach can be greater on profiles than pages and doesn’t cost anything.
Brett Farmiloe, Internet Marketing Company

4. Time It Right

Simply put, there are certain times of the day that people are more likely to be browsing Facebook. Test which times of the day get the most response from your customers and do more of that!
Matt Ehrlichman, Porch

5. Encourage Likes and Comments

Facebook’s news feed filters posts based on what it thinks each person is most interested in seeing, and a big part of determining this is what that person likes and comments on. If someone has liked or commented on something you’ve posted, they are going to see a lot more of your content. Try different ways of getting this engagement such as contests, photos, etc.
James Simpson, GoldFire Studios

6. Upload Video Content

Without fail, uploading video to Facebook increases the amount of news feed views without spending extra dollars. If you use video in your business, make sure you share them by uploading directly to your Facebook rather than posting a Web address from Youtube or Vimeo. Facebook gives these uploads more weight and displays them better on mobile devices. Also, make sure to nail an awesome thumbnail to increase your CTR.
Robert De Los Santos, Sky High Party Rentals

7. Make It Shareable

Make sure the content you are posting is something you would want to see in your own news feed. Try to make it interesting and shareable. The more likes your post receives, the more it will stay on top of the feeds.
– Evrim Oralkan, Travertine Mart

8. Find Common Ground

Make your brand relevant to their lives. When winter started, we posted a question saying “It’s getting cold in New York City, what’s the temperature like where you are?” We got 36 comments from people sharing where they were and what the weather was like there. For the fall, we hosted a “Create your own pumpkin-inspired chocolate bar” contest and that post had the fourth highest reach for us!
– Fabian Kaempfer, Chocomize

9. Entertain Your Followers

Produce edgy and funny content. Who isn’t engaged when smiling or chuckling to themselves?
Phil Dumontet, DASHED


10. Don’t Include Links

Putting a link in your Facebook post that leads people to different sites means your post might not show up in customers’ newsfeeds. A photo or video that people can see or watch from within Facebook will be given a higher rank and would be more likely to show up in the newsfeed. Consider including links in the comments section of the post and within the graphic instead.
Natalie MacNeil, She Takes on the World

11. Post Content Outside of Business

Like any online community, you need to nurture a Facebook audience. To do so, make some posts that are not directly related to your business but that would be interesting to your target demographic. This will get you more likes and exposure and will help build a brand that customers will associate with your product or service.
Carlo Cisco, FoodFan

12. Encourage Notifications

You can suggest to your customers that they choose “get notifications” from your page, so they do not miss any of your updates, deals or other messages.
Jesse Pujji, Ampush

13. Post in Groups

Use a Facebook group to share your content. Most users have notifications turned on so your content is much more likely to be seen than if it was from a fan page. Our group has less users than our fan page, but we always see much more engagement when we post in the group over the fan page.
Sarah Schupp, UniversityParent

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