3 Types of Social Media Marketers. Which One Are You? All About Me, Never Around or Givers

There’s three kinds of folks who are using social media, three kinds of social media marketers.

They are:

1. All about me

2. Never Around

3. Givers

(use the comment section below to give a shout out to your favorite social media marketer – at the end of the week I’ll send one of them, on your behalf, a gift card!)

These folks could represent yourself, a colleague, someone you follow on Twitter, a page you like on Facebook.

Watch my video about it below as well!

All About Me

These are people who ONLY Tweet about themselves. Who only post on Facebook abut themselves. When they post something on Instagram you know it’s a coupon to buy more of their products. These folks will most likely never succeed online.

Never Around

These are folks who hardly ever do anything on social media. They might Tweet like once a month or every quarter when they’re forced to by their PR company or their 13 year old marketing intern. They never engage, never post – they wonder why they only have 3 followers and why social media “is not working for them”. These are the heads of companies who are “too busy” to post a photo on Instagram. These are newbie small business owners who are waiting for the “perfect opportunity” to Tweet!


Givers are what we all want to buy. They know their audience, share with their audience what most benefits the audience, they share about other people (other businesses, etc) and they of course share what THEY are doing as well. They are givers.

Givers will always succeed in social media. When you share about others, others want to share about you. This was reinforced to me by Jeffrey Hayzlett last week at an NSA NYC meeting.

Check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

Check out Ann Handley’s Content Rules

Check out Ramon’s Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing

Watch how Melinda Emerson, Shashi Bellamkonda, Brian Moran , Gene Marks, Anita Campbell and Rieva Lesonsky are all about sharing online.

Here’s a video where I speak about this (below) or here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F525L1mRcQU

6 thoughts on “3 Types of Social Media Marketers. Which One Are You? All About Me, Never Around or Givers

  1. Brian Moran

    Thanks Ramon. I appreciate your words! A nice way to start the work week. Btw…I would add @Rieva and a few others to my list of givers online. She does great work. Thanks again!!


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