FileThis Helps You Retrieve, Store and Find Important Paper Documents

I have a drawer in my desk that stores all my paper documents. Every time I get a document that I need to keep I put it in a folder in this drawer. I also have some files in a book shelf. I also have some files in a bin in my basement. My paper record organization is a mess.

Recently I was looking at FileThis which looks like it could be a solution to my (and your) dilemma.

Like any respectable online storage service, FileThis stores your paper documents, online. It can tag and categorize them for your for easy retrieval.

But what’s really neat about FileThis is that once setup it can automatically retrieve your important documents from the financial and other institutions that are important to you – your bank, investment account and etc.

In a disaster or any other emergency wouldn’t it be nice to get your hands on that one (or many) documents you need?

FileThis can help.


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