Front Desk App Brings New Pricing Model and Ease Of Use For Local Service Providers

When you’re a gym owner, salon proprietor or other small business that works on appointments, schedules and billings there’s only a few things that are important to you.

Some of those things are having a great product, ensuring you get customers in the door and collecting payment.

Carmen Sognonvi of Brooklyn based Urban Dojo discussed the importance of having a good product with me here.

Front Desk has created what looks to be a simple to use app (online software) that helps local services providers with some of the key functions that are important to them.

What’s particularly interesting about Front Desk is its pricing model – you pay for it based on how much revenue you bring in. Revenue of $5,000 a month? Expect to pay around $50 a month for Front Desk. If you’re a local service provider and appointments and billing is important to your business Front Desk is a solution you should definitely check out.

Front Desk is a startup which recently closed on $4 million of it’s first round of venture funding. The barrier to entry for low cost small business services is very low and you can expect to see more and more online services being made available for small businesses. Large companies such as Sage (Sage One), Intuit (QuickBooks Online), Google, Microsoft, GoDaddy and American Express are offering a full suite of low cost and simple to use services for small businesses. These big companies are competing with startup companies such as Front Desk, Bench, Insightly and others who are offering similar services to the small business market.

Small businesses have all the tools, low cost tools, at their disposal to run a business. Big businesses and small businesses are on pretty equal footing when it comes to the chances of success. The separates a business that succeeds from one that does not is often the strategic decisions the owner makes. Infusionsoft’s Clate Mask is passionate about business strategy and speaks about it here.

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