Is Your Day Filled with Phone Calls? New App By Frustrated Movie Producer Can Help Manage Them.

For some of us our inbox is flooded with email and we fight an hourly battle to respond, delete, sort, filter and delegate.

For others, like Gregg Fienberg—the two-time Emmy Award nominated producer and executive producer of HBO’s “True Blood”, his day is filled with phone calls – brimming with them.

Gregg created a new mobile application to help solve one of the biggest conundrums for small business owners, administrators, and business executives: call management.

Gregg had grown tired of dealing with the frustrations that result from managing and tracking a lot of calls. His boiling point came on set one day when he missed numerous important calls because he didn’t have a system to keep them in order. His assistant Gabe was equally as frustrated using every communication vehicle possible, short of showing up on set, to remind Gregg to make a call.

Gabe and Gregg went on the hunt to find a solution to no avail. Sure, there were tons of apps to organize “to do” lists and phone call messages but they were looking for a shared platform that connected them in real-time. After much research, Gregg took matters into his own hands, organized a team and created CallPlease—a virtual call tracking system that allows executives and their assistants-slash-teams to manage their calls in real-time. At first it was just a solution for them, but Gregg shared it with a few Hollywood producer friends and … an app star was born.


CallPlease like a perfect solution for folks inundated with phone calls!

CallPlease is like email for call management. An assistant uses the CallPlease web interface to enter a message like “Call David Jones at 3pm to review the product” and it immediately populates on their boss’ CallPlease mobile app (tablet or phone). The app reminds the boss when to make the call via its alerts and notifications feature. After the call is made, the boss enters an action like “completed call” or “left message” immediately letting the assistant knowing what transpired. No more mixed signals or time wasted.

CallPlease actually lets a whole team share one account so several assistants and their boss are connected. With CallPlease, you can:

  • Track your calls in real-time between you and your assistant on all devices (or you can be a single user)
  • Available on iPhone, Android (this month) and all tablets
  • See your conversation history just like an email thread on your phone
  • Manually or use Use Siri to enter notes after the call right on the device
  • Integrate your address book
  • Export and print call log



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  1. WizardTech

    Wow, what a solution! The best part of it is that he shared it with some friends so it has become beneficial to others as well. This means that the app must have been successfully helpful. Apps like this one are the kind that are great allies for business owners, and when partnered with online marketing will definitely make businesses more manageable for their owners and his people.


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