Magical Marketing Campaigns From 2013

The Business Advertising industry enjoyed an exceptional year of advertising campaigns leaving memorable impact on the thoughts and inspirations of the American public. Several 2013 Ad Campaigns motivated consumers to stop and react emotionally to what they were seeing, then discuss what they’d experienced with family, friends, co-workers, essentially anyone who’d listen. In this article we will share three of these magical marketing campaigns from 2013.

According to Lindsey Wolf, the Marketing Director at Struck, “these are the kinds of reactions marketing mavens dream about, cheer about. It’s the elusive, magical moment when the audience experiences that connectivity, bonding with a message that motivates them to reach out to every one of their social connections, trying to explain what the ad made them feel.”

“The Epic Split” with Jean Claude Van Damme – Volvo Trucks

A perfect example, the “Volvo Globe Trotter Campaign“. Just one of a half dozen or more videos in this campaign series has 68,201,651 views on alone.

Volvo Trucks decided on an advertising campaign series of surreal tests to illustrate some of the features they’ve perfected, such as the “Volvo Dynamic Steering System”. This system increases precision driver control over steering and direction stability by 20 percent. Perhaps not dynamically share-worthy in text format, but take “nothing is impossible” film director, Andreas Nilsson, high caliber advertising agency, Forsman Bodenfors, Sweden, an action film celebrity known for precision face-kicking and full on splits, Jean Claude Van Damme on an airport landing field in Spain – at sunrise – and what do you think you will end up with?

Using extraordinary precision, two professional truck drivers travel down the runway with 53-year-old Jean Claude straddled, one foot on either trucks’ door-side mirrors, the trucks accelerate in reverse and begin to gradually separate and as they get further apart. Jean Claude demonstrates his “mindset to master the most epic of splits” while Volvo affirms their mastery of Volvo’s Dynamic Steering System. Add the synchronized sound genius of Enya’s hit, “Only Time” and it’s a mash-up of epic proportion, that of course, went viral overnight.

Who Would Have Thought a Gum Commercial Could Feel like This?” Wrigley’s Extra

Another ad artfully plugging into the emotional imagination and attention of their target audience, “Give Extra, get extra”, a simple Brand ID, appealing in every possible way. This story-telling work of art, develops empathy with integral timing using snapshots-in-time, a winning dad sharing the milestone moments of a very young daughter growing until she’s packing for college dorm life. In each snapshot, he is celebrating, sympathizing, sharing or just loving her through critical moments, each time sharing a piece of sugar-free gum, and using the silver wrapper to create for her an Origami crane. Only at the end of the 60-second heartwarming scenario of flashbacks, while they have dad’s, daughters, mom’s thinking of their dads, guys thinking “will I be a dad like that?”, you see the moment when this dad accidentally drops a little pink box as he’s packing up the daughters’car – out falls dozens of tiny Origami cranes – she has treasured each and every one. The resulting embrace says, “Give Extra, get extra“, over two-million views.

“The Mighty Five” Inspires us to live life to the fullest – Utah

Equally infectious, sharp and blazingly passionate,  takes you through “The Mighty Five“, a sixty-second introduction to “Life Elevated”. The viewers minds real with the uptake of endorphins as image after incredible image grabs your focus and creates an emotional fascination with five of the most epic locations ever imagined. The National Parks of Zion, Bryce, Capitol, Canyon Lands and Arches, names forever embossed against the scenes of orange drip castles, white water rafting and starry, starry nights. The voice in the background “you are not dreaming – you will not forget this!” Suddenly, you just long to be in the Utah you have never really known.

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