Mopria Alliance Is Here To Helps Boost Your Mobile Printing Ease and Options

Mopria is an alliance of technology companies who have joined to make mobile printing easier.

Often times we don’t know the technical details behind the technology we use, nor should we need to know it. However, from time to time, some technology is so important – like WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth – that we should know a little bit about the background story.

Hence my short introduction of Mopria.

Printing from a computer is pretty easy. You install the right driver, add the printer, search for it on the network or connect to the printer directly and that’s about it.

Printing from a mobile device is much different. There are different types of mobile devices, using different standards for communication. Mopria, as I understand it, will bring the printing uniformity of the computer and printing industries to mobile devices.

Mopria branded devices will be mobile print ready.

When you buy a phone that’s Mopria compatible and a printer that’s Mopria compatible you’ll be sure that the phone can more easily and hopefully right out of the box print to the printer.

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