Twitter Followers Can Lead Directly To Sales. Here’s How.

If one Twitter follower and some smart engagement can lead to one sale, imagine what 279 Twitter followers (or however many you have today) and lots of smart engagement can do to your sales.

You can check out how this could look here

In this scenario Joe heads to a local shop to get something to eat. It’s next door to a Surf Shop he follows on Twitter.

TIP ONE: Use offline engagement (like a sign in a store) to encourage customers and online looks to follow you.

While out for a coffee break Joe checks out the Surf Shop’s time line and sees a Tweet offering him a discount on a product.

Joe reTweets the deal to his surfing buddies.

TIP TWO: 70% of small businesses reTweet because they like your content. Make your content interesting.

A few days later Joe asks the Surf shop for advice.

TIP THREE: Stop looking to make a quick buck. First look to offer value.

Overall you can see from this story how one follower and engagement led to a sale, and more followers for the Surf shop. Social media works, if you work it.



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