Task Management With Email is Very Limited. Asana’s New Calendar Feature Gives a Fresh View

I’ve been using Asana for several months, to manage the various projects we have at smallbiztechnology.com – I’ve even used Asana to assign personal tasks to my wife.

Instead of the massive back and forth using email to manage tasks, Asana, and other task management tools let you manage your tasks via a central dashboard where you can assign individuals different tasks with dates and more.

Asana recently announced a new calendaring feature which enables you to not only see tasks – listed as a task – but also see tasks viewed in a calendar. This new view makes it easier to view your projects within the context of advanced planning and priorities.

According to Asana’s press release, because Calendars are views on top of the Asana Work Graph, they’re always current. Changes to a task for a due date made by someone else are reflected immediately in your Calendars. Drag and drop a task to a new date, or click on it to change the assignee or add a comment. Everyone else will see your changes right away.

If you are just using email to manage your company projects – you’re wasting money and operating inefficiently. Use a task management tool like Asana and which your productivity increase.

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2 thoughts on “Task Management With Email is Very Limited. Asana’s New Calendar Feature Gives a Fresh View

  1. NickMinolich

    Asana’s new calendar looks great, but they are still way behind Bitrix24 and other free alternatives in terms of functionality


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