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Content Marketing

Content MarketingOnline content is a MUST to do content marketing effectively. Without content it’s almost impossible for your customers and potential customers to find you online.

Most people still do their searches through a search engine.

If you have no content, a search engine can’t find you.

Why do you want people to find you? Because when they find your web site, blog, Twitter posts or etc – they’ll buy from you and/or at least be warmed up to engage you more to buy from you later one.

So that’s content 101 for you. There’s three types of content:

educational (making someone a better shopper – like a guide to how to buy hand bags or guide to home paint buying)

entertaining (does your audience want to laugh – should you do a series of funny office videos?)

utility (like how to do something, in a step by step guide)

Now, how to get the content you need?

1. The best option is to create great content yourself. Take photos and post to Instagram, Tweet on a regular basis and establish a blog of useful content – noting my guidelines above. Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” is a good read. You should also check out “Content Rules“. You can interview your customers, excerpt other content (use full attribution and back links) – all of this provides valuable content for your content marketing.

2. Second option is to hire someone to write and publish the content for you. There are MANY people who can write content for you. The better ones take the time to interview you and get to know your business and act as reporters for you. My friend Vick’s service does this very well. You can also find writers on Elance, Contently and other similar web sites.

3. Third option is to use a more automated service that can provide content to you for your blog or other wherever else you want it. AtContent has a service to help you find and easily use other people’s content on your web site.


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