Would You Be More Productive Using Glip App’s Conversation Stream or Email?

Email is a miserable way to live. Each email message is like an invading rat or ant that you just can’t seem to kill.

Sure we NEED email as it’s how we communicate – notices about our airline tickets, late payments, a new client and so on. However, email is a pain.

Some of us try to put salve on it by using a tool like Asana (which I love and use) and of course there are others who use a project management tools from 37 Signals or AT Task.

There’s a new tool on the market from Glip that encourages its customers to LIVE in Glip and communicate in real time – sharing files, managing tasks and keeping everyone on the same page – with NO EMAIL.

But I wonder is there any huge difference in receiving emails in your in box and watching a stream of conversations flow on a computer screen? One is in real time (Glip) and one is static and a line by line of messages – that’s email.

Check out a video about Glip here. Let me know which way of communication is best for you – Glip or Email.


4 thoughts on “Would You Be More Productive Using Glip App’s Conversation Stream or Email?

  1. Patrick Carmitchel

    Patrick from Glip here and I can say first hand that there is a huge difference. Email has a place in form communication, but it was not made for daily collaboration. From desktop to mobile, Glip immediately pulls all team communication into a fully searchable, real-time space that has no noise, only work related activity. We’re starting to see customers force their own customers to use it, just to make their life easier. It’s very exciting.

      • Patrick Carmitchel

        Well, working in team collaboration for the last 5 years has opened by eyes to a new kind of excitement—teams getting freed from email mayhem 😉

    • cmeethree

      Hey (maybe a little late) but as a customer – Glip has cut down significantly on the email and in general made our communications more focused. It is hard to do at first but if you can ween yourself off of email and do everything within glip your life will be easier.


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