Zoho Books: Refreshed and Newly Designed Small Business Online Accounting Software


zoho-books-accounting-softwareAccounting programs are one of the most popular software that small businesses use.

We use our accounting software to manage our day to day cash flow, prepare tax reports and understand the overall financial health of our business.

Which online accounting software do you use?

Zoho recently announced its refreshed Zoho Books accounting software and improvements are in three areas:

  • From their press release: A completely redesigned and beautiful interface with improved workflows. Powerful analytics are delivered in the dashboard which will answer key questions regarding the business performance and cash flow. The banking module in Zoho Books has been transformed, and it now intuitively identifies uncategorized transactions fetched from bank feeds and matches them with existing transactions in Zoho Books. Business owners who bill their time to clients will find it easier to track time with the new calendar and weekly timesheet views. Fresh invoice templates have been added which can be customized, too.
  • Zoho Books is built on an open platform, and the robust RESTful APIs are open to third-party applications to integrate with the accounting software. The open platform provides an opportunity for app developers across the world to create applications that cater to small business needs. Recent integrations with Track1099.com and Tax1099.com will help reduce year-end compliance burden for business owners.
  • By giving clients access to the client portal, business owners can completely eliminate the need for unnecessary file transfer or time-consuming approvals. Clients can approve quotes, view recent transactions, check payment history and make an online payment from within the portal itself.

About three years ago Zoho’s CEO¬†Sridhar Vembu said that Zoho’s focus will be not just on making products that are technically functional, but also products that LOOK good. He cited Apple as an example of a standard to aim for. From what I’ve seen of Zoho Books, Zoho has delivered.

It’s also good to see the open integration. By making it easy for 3rd party developers to connect to Zoho Books the ecosystem of value added services for Zoho Books only broadens.

4 thoughts on “Zoho Books: Refreshed and Newly Designed Small Business Online Accounting Software

  1. Reshma Roy

    Hi Ramon,

    Thanks for the shout out!

    New Zoho Books is absolutely a treat for the eyes and our customers are simply loving it. We are listening to them and considering all their feedbacks. There’s a whole bunch of goodness coming to Zoho Books in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

    For folks who haven’t looked at it yet, try http://www.zoho.com/books. The first 14 days is on the house!

    Reshma Roy
    Zoho Books – Product Marketing


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