14 Gadgets Every Serious Reporter Must Have at #SXSW – Ramon’s Tech Bag

This will be my third year going to SXSW, it’s the ONE place I can find awesome individuals, startups and small business focused companies and share their information with YOU.

This information (their best practices, new products, etc), will help YOU grow your business.

To capture this information and be an effective SXSW journalist there’s a few gadgets I bring with me.

Maybe you’re not going to SXSW but you might want to consider buying one of these gadgets to make your life easier.

This year the team at Infusionsoft will be covering SXSW on our Big Ideas Blog and through Twitter at #sxswsmallbiz .

I’m also happy to meet up with Shashi Bellamkonda (@shashib) who has showed me the ropes of SXSW . He’ll be posting content on Smallbiztechnology.com as well.

Some of what I expect to cover at SXSW are The Small Business Web, GE, Bit.ly, NY Tech Meetup and more!

Here’s my gadget list.

Kodak Zi8 – portable video camera with a microphone jack so I can capture the best audio (I use this for short and quick video)

Sony HD Handycam HDR XR-160 (this camera is light, HD and has a large hard disk to store the video files – no memory cards needed)

Kensington Presentation “clicker”

Kensington wireless portable mouse

iPad with The Snugg Case

portable Tripod from B&H photo

Mophie portable battery – Powerstation XL

Listerine (bad breath is just bad)

Verizon Wireless MiFi (portable WiFi)

Monster Outlets to Go Power Strip

Dell XPS 13 Notebook

Audio Technica Shotgun Microphone

Moleskin Notebook (writing notes with a pen and paper is best for me)

Samsung S4 phone

I’ma also bringing ear buds and several USB cables and chargers.


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