3 Parts Every Successful Sales Process Must Have: Referrals, Upsell and Special Offers

Small business is one of the greatest things this country has to offer.  The ability to build a livelihood around your passion is definitely The  American Dream.  Besides, what’s better than being able to be your own boss, work when you want and make as much money as your talents and desire takes you?

Guest post by Bill Baylis, who brings decades of problem solving, team building, and entrepreneurial skill to the business world. 

In fact, all you have to do is find what you do best, add your passion, find your target market and sell them your product.

Simple, right?

Wait a minute…  Sell?  A small business owner has to sell their products and services?

We didn’t sign-up for the selling part! #@!@#@!

Needless to say, for many small business owners being their own sales person is not a favorite part of the job.

It kind of makes sense… You went into business for yourself because you love ___________.

Not because you love sales.

If you’re one of those small business owners who loves what you do, but are not so crazy about the selling part, then hang in there, I got something in store for you right from our sales playbook at Online Marketing Muscle.  The 3 Sales Secrets that will get you selling like a pro in no time!

#1 Have a Referral System!

Having a referral system is one of the easiest and most inexpensive  ways to drive in more sales! By simply turning your customers (and even your competition) into willing sales representatives can be a game saver for even the most sales-savvy,  small business owners.

The most effective referral systems have a couple of essentials in common.  For example, starting with a little “smoozing” by either visiting or calling your best customers to remind them of the great impact you have had on their business or life. Then, reminding them that they may very well know the exact people who can also benefit from your product or services.

The possibilities are endless  and are limited only by your imagination. And, if you really want to kick things up a notch, include a special incentive to sweeten the pot.  Whatever system you put in place remember to keep it Easy, Lucritive and FUN!

Technology Action Tip: Staying in touch is an important part of any referral system and technology can be your friend.  LinkedIn has upgraded its service by providing a smarter way to stay in touch with clients and networking partners. The new program almost acts as a ”personal assistant” that  will remind you when your colleagues are celebrating new jobs or birthdays. And even will pull up the last conversations you had with people before you head out to meet them. Pretty handy, right!


Think… “would you like some fries with that.”  The fast food chain McDonalds made that upselling line famous.  They knew the best time to sell more was when their customer already had their wallets out. The upsell is selling add-on services to your clients; this way they get a higher level of service from you for an additional investment.

The best part of the upsell is that it’s practically effortless since it’s done after the customer has decided to go ahead and buy.  You’ve already established rapport, identified needs, presented the benefits and handled objections.  The best approach  is to present  the offer  in a “by-the-way” manner.

No one knows your clients better than you, think through an upsell offer that deepens their experience and watch how those extra sales drop to your bottom line.

Technology Action Tip: Got a website? Why not add a “splash page” to your check out area. It’s a great way to grab the buyer’s attention to take them to a page that pops up with the details of your upsell product?  Almost too easy… right? But your customers will love it!

#3 Special Offers

The first big point is that there needs to be a WOW Factor in creating your special offer! Remember, special offers are a “one time only” type of event that makes people feel like they are really going to miss out if they don’t grab it right away!

Another big key is that it has to be rare or in limited supply. A big breakdown is that many small business owners put out too many special offers out there. Having too many in a short span of time can train your prospects not to buy because they know, if they miss out, the next one is coming soon.

Special Offers can be a really fun way to build excitement and to encourage your target market to buy now. So go out there, make them irresistible and tactfully add several to your marketing campaign calendars.

Technology Action Tip: Why not use technology to help you automate your special offers? Email marketing systems (Such as; Mail Chimp, AWeber and Infusionsoft!)  are perfect platforms for helping you get the right information, in the right hands. They are pretty fun to use too!

Feeling like a pro yet? More confident about tackling this selling part of running a small business?

Check out this 3 part video series from Bill designed to really kick up your salesmanship.


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