3 Things Amazon Can Teach Us About Marketing Automation

As with any business process, the most efficient method of delivery and execution is through automation. This theory holds true with certain marketing processes, as well.

Marketing automation is the system and process that enables businesses to automate, in full or part, the repetitive tasks in their marketing and sales processes. These tasks could include follow-up emails, videos or a survey and are often triggered when the customer takes some form of action that the business wants that will lead to a result.

One of the greatest examples of solid execution of  marketing automation comes from Amazon.com. They have taken the online shopping experience to a completely new level by creating automated processes that not only handle our current purchases but entice us to buy even more.

In a recent article I wrote on ClicZ, I outlined three things Amazon can teach the everday business owner about marketing automation, including:

  • Product Surveys
  • Selling More of What Customers Want
  • Keeping Up With the Joneses

Check out the full article here to discover more about marketing automation and steps you can take to improve you sales processes.

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