6 Ways Retailers Use Content To Sell Better #SXSW @Birchbox @Outbrain Insight


Mollie Chen, BirchBox & Jeff Pyatt, Outbrain

(SXSW coverage sponsored by Infusionsoft – all in one sales and marketing CRM software for small business)

  1. Produce content with intent – not just for the sake of producing content. Make sure your readers want it (not just you) and that it serves a business purpose.
  2. Measure the results (content analytics) of your content such as referral traffic, what converts the most and other key performance indicators that are of importance to your business.
  3. Respect the different media. What looks good on Facebook might not look so great on Instagram. Publish content for specific media.
  4. Great copy and headlines gets more click through and viewer recall than banner advertising. Outbrain did a test of a NY Times web site. After folks read the web site they asked a question about one of the featured banner ads on the web site. No one could recall it, but people did recall the sponsored content.
  5. For retailers, all of your content should support your sales and lead to some call to action for the reader.
  6. Birchbox ensures it’s content is very authentic. It has it’s own staff members test products, use products and genuinely share their stories about a product. One popular video is a staff member asking the audience if she should cut her hair, color her hair or get bangs.

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