6 Ways To Leverage Your Street Sales Team for Social Content Marketing #SXSW

From SXSW, a discussion with Jason Suen of Hearsay Social and Patrizio Spagnoletto of Farmer’s Insurance.

Here’s there bullet list best practices:

  • Instead of just one social corporate page, Farmers Insurance, encourages its agents to have their own pages, which gives Farmers a much broader reach.
  • Sales people using social must shift their minds from an ROI model to a relationships model. From one where they are seeking a direct correlation between social and sales, to one where they value social as a means to deeper relationships with customers.
  • Have two ROI buckets – Business buckets and social buckets.  The business bucket should cover: sales, retention rates, renewal, repeat purchases,  and net promoter score – and other more business focused categories. Your social bucket is a lot more than sales – it’s about  loyalty and retention of customers.
  • When measuring the social benefits of your marketing – ask yourself what extent are you attracting and engaging your audience.
  • Educate sales teams about the simple, hands on, tactical ways to use social media. What is a  hashtag and etc? First, explain, “why social?” Then explain the basics of how to do it. Then help them understand how to use social to get found (be findable) and how to have a social presence.
  • Assist your sales teams with growing their digital network. Digitize your rolodox (holiday card list, email contact list)

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