Are You Rewarding Your Customers for Repeat Business? Loyalty Programs Can Help.

Airlines do it successfully. They reward travelers for flying with them -frequent flyer miles. For every small business a loyalty reward system can be as simple to do as a punch card system. As your business grows, you might want to leverage technology to gain intelligence and make the loyalty system smoother.

Many point of sale systems have a loyalty component to their offerings, NCR Silver, which we covered here,  recently announced theirs in the press release below.

Loyalty complements the existing automated email and social marketing functionality in NCR Silver making it even easier for cafés, shops, restaurants, boutiques, food trucks, and any small business to reward customers for repeat purchases. Loyalty fits seamlessly into the checkout process, automatically tracking rewards with each sale so customers see exactly what they have earned and eliminating the need for paper punch cards. Rewards and customer information reside on the NCR Silver POS system and merchants retain all the data rather than share it through a third-party loyalty application.

“Satisfying your best customers is critical to the success of every small business,” says Justin Hotard, general manager, NCR Silver. “We added loyalty to go along with email marketing, customer history, and reporting to make NCR Silver the perfect fit to grow any small business.”

Technology has changed how small businesses build loyal customer bases with digital alternatives to the old paper punch cards. Recently, MarketingProfs published ‘Surprising Facts about Customer Loyalty Marketing,’ reporting that if you structure your loyalty program effectively, you will see a lift in visits and revenue from your enrolled customers. The report also notes that over their lifetime, loyal customers spend 10 times more than new customers.

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