Get Reads and Leads with an Online Press Release

At one time, a news release was mailed or faxed to select newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations, where journalists read it over to determine if it inspired a story. The internet has changed all that. Now one of the most effective ways to get your news in front of the masses is with an online press release.

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Get Reads and Leads with an Online Press Release

Technology has drastically changed the way we receive information and our ability to share information with so many more media outlets than in the past. The internet has expanded “media” to include blogs, online webzines, and online video news sources. An article posted on a site like Huffington Post could get more reads than one on the front page of a local newspaper, especially if the article is shared extensively over social media. Realizing this, marketers are now eager to find ways to reach these influencers directly.

Online Press Releases

Today’s press releases are very similar to their paper predecessors. Sure, marketers are no longer required to consult some statewide news media directory to determine the name of the news director at the local ABC affiliate. But even though they’re delivered electronically, online press releases must still have the journalistic integrity that news professionals expect.

One mistake marketers often make when crafting an online press release is concentrating all of their efforts on keyword placement. While the right set of keywords can help with search engine optimization, most experts now recommend putting content first. First and foremost, marketers must consider the person on the receiving end of that news release, who is just as eager to find good subject matter as the PR crafter is to provide it.

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Timing is Everything

The flexibility of online press release distribution means marketers have opportunities not found in the pre-internet days. By trying out new headlines and angles, marketing professionals can repurpose a press release as a blog post, website news item, and a social media post. But it’s important to space the posts out to maximize the news item’s reach.

Once the news item has been posted in these separate places, marketers can increase its exposure by finding related posts on other sites and commenting with a link back to the news item. It’s important to keep these comments as relevant as possible to the post at hand to avoid appearing spammy.

Reporting Capabilities

Another way online press releases far outweigh the paper news releases of the past is that their success can often be measured. Analytics will show not only how many reads a news item received, but what search terms brought visitors to the site to read it. Marketers can combine those analytics with reporting on the news items they placed on their own website to tweak future campaigns for increased success.

Online press releases are no longer read by mere journalists. Today’s press release distribution sites can place releases directly on sites where they can be found through searches. This not only increases the chance that they will be picked up by journalists researching the latest survey or new product release, but it also cuts out the middleman, helping news reach consumers more quickly.

By creating an informative, interesting news piece that will reach out to customers, marketers can provide content to online publications, while also speaking directly to their intended audience. With an increasing number of online searchers now clicking the “News” link on Google searches, having your content display prominently among other news items on the same issue, you’ll likely find a new audience you might not have otherwise found.

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