Looking for A US Manufacturer? Are Chinese Prices No Longer Cheap?

On the last episode of Shark Tank one businesses story was that China was no longer the low cost oasis that it used to be. When you add in the incidents of inferior quality which has happened at times – more and more executives are choosing to use USA based manufacturers.

For companies who need manufacturing and want to find a us based manufacturer a ‘hidden gem’ is ThomasNet.com. See more information about ThomasNet below

Whether entrepreneurs are looking for contract manufacturers, parts and components,packaging, promotional products, or distribution partners, ThomasNet.com is a central resource for finding everything they need. It’s also a platform for them to grow their businesses by connecting with large organizations that need their products and services.

For example, Spanx founder Sara Blakely, one of the world’s youngest self-made female billionaires, went to ThomasNet.com to find potential U.S. manufacturing partners. From there, she cold called them and visited their mills until she found a company who believed in her idea, and the rest is history.

Another example is Mompreneur Tina Gelhausen, The Quick Split, LLC, who developed small rotary cutters with covers that mothers can tuck into a bag and carry into a restaurant to neatly cut food into small pieces for their children. She used ThomasNet.com to help find manufacturers of plastic and steel products.

Once they’ve started their businesses, these companies can gain another advantage by being featured on ThomasNet.com, too. Manufacturers, distributors and service providers can post detailed information on their companies for free at http://promoteyourbusiness.thomasnet.com/free-profile/.  In addition, many of these buyers need to meet supplier diversity requirements and want to work with small and disadvantaged businesses.

What advantages can a business gain by utilizing North American manufacturers/suppliers?

For many businesses, working with North American manufacturers and suppliers provides a marketing advantage. Over the past two years or so, we’ve been seeing buyers actively seeking out Made in America products. We surfaced this in our Industry Market Barometer research on thegrowth of the manufacturing sector in 2012, when we saw companies taking business back from countries like China. Usage of ThomasNet.com is going up, too, and we believe that this is a driving factor. U.S. manufacturers have built new efficiencies into their processes that enable them to provide quality products at very competitive costs. This eliminates the incentive for prospective buyers to look elsewhere.

Many small companies are taking advantage of this trend. SpecCoat(SM), for example, is a small California company that coats printed circuit boards and heavily markets their Made in America quality. Acompany called Monkeyelectric, which builds LED lights for bicycles, found them on ThomasNet.com. They moved their manufacturing from overseas to the U.S., and they asked SpecCoat to do potting/encapsulating work for them because of this “US quality” focus.

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