Non Profit Technology: Non Profits Want Good Technology But Have Small Budgets. What To Do?

There’s a lot of free technology available on the market – Zoho, Gmail, and so many other tools are all free.

But most all free tools have some limitation (be it user limitations or feature limitations).

This leaves many non-profits in a quandary. Many do not have the budget to hire staff or technology and are struggling to fulfill their missions with as much donated, free and half broken technology they can get their hands on.

Thanks to organizations such as Tech Soup and the giving arms of many for profit companies there are solutions to this tech angst for non-profits.

Citrix has a solution as well. It recently announced that it’s making its online collaboration and communication tool, free, for 501c3 registered not for profit organizations. Sign up for Podio for free here.

According to Citrix, according to Columbia Social Work Review’s 2013 report, the uptake of cloud, social and mobile technologies will allow the nonprofit sector to provide more effective services through improved productivity and efficiencies; yet the most common barriers to technology adoption remain lack of resources: funds, time and IT expertise. The report shows that while most NPOs use information technologies such as websites, email and databases to deliver services to clients, few of them employ software systems and mobile technologies that would enable their workers to improve client communications and access to information off-site. An estimated 35 percent of nonprofits use mobile devices and applications to manage work, while only 20 percent use software systems to record data for things like client and volunteer management. A recent McKinsey study found that companies see a 20-25 percent increase in productivity by using social technologies like Podio, because they simply get work done faster.

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