One Reason Why Twitter Advertising Beats Facebook Advertising: Postmortem Ad Analysis

I’ve advertised on both Twitter and Facebook, to promote various projects. Yesterday, I paid $100 to promote my post about #ICON14 speakers , I used Twitter to advertise. The $100 spent generated 32,000 views, about 700 clicks and 4 engagements (reTweets). The engagement is where you can see if your campaign resonates – mine clearly did not (my fault).

However, what I like is that Twitter sent me a series of emails sharing the data with me and suggesting ways to improve. Facebook does not have this degree of “after advertisement” communication, at least as far as I can tell.

Twitter sent me the best performing user names to target and suggested more:

I like how Twitter displays the overall results of your campaign, very easy to understand

So overall I  like how Twitter does not just show you the data but makes suggestions and helps you build a better advertising campaign. I plan to experiment with more advertising for RamonRayLive (launching next week), 3TechGuys (with Gene Marks and Brent Leary) and a few other projects I’m working on.


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  • Tinu

    You should also download the report from Moz on using Twitter advertising to distribute downloads like white papers if you haven’t already.

    As far as the retweets, I find that any re-share engagement of an ad is going to be lower than say, a coordinated effort to promote an event unless there’s some incentive. So I’d take 4 retweets as a win until you can test again because it might not be that it wasn’t engaging.

    It could just be ad resistance.

    • Ramon Ray

      Hey Tinu, I appreciate that ! :) “ad resistance…” I love it.