One Reason Why Twitter Advertising Beats Facebook Advertising: Postmortem Ad Analysis

I’ve advertised on both Twitter and Facebook, to promote various projects. Yesterday, I paid $100 to promote my post about #ICON14 speakers , I used Twitter to advertise. The $100 spent generated 32,000 views, about 700 clicks and 4 engagements (reTweets). The engagement is where you can see if your campaign resonates – mine clearly did not (my fault).

However, what I like is that Twitter sent me a series of emails sharing the data with me and suggesting ways to improve. Facebook does not have this degree of “after advertisement” communication, at least as far as I can tell.

Twitter sent me the best performing user names to target and suggested more:

I like how Twitter displays the overall results of your campaign, very easy to understand

So overall I  like how Twitter does not just show you the data but makes suggestions and helps you build a better advertising campaign. I plan to experiment with more advertising for RamonRayLive (launching next week), 3TechGuys (with Gene Marks and Brent Leary) and a few other projects I’m working on.

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2 thoughts on “One Reason Why Twitter Advertising Beats Facebook Advertising: Postmortem Ad Analysis

  1. Tinu

    You should also download the report from Moz on using Twitter advertising to distribute downloads like white papers if you haven’t already.

    As far as the retweets, I find that any re-share engagement of an ad is going to be lower than say, a coordinated effort to promote an event unless there’s some incentive. So I’d take 4 retweets as a win until you can test again because it might not be that it wasn’t engaging.

    It could just be ad resistance.


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