PayPal Showcases Offline Payments at SXSW #PayPalIt

There are several ways that companies to market their services and products to consumers and small businesses. PayPal who we know as a payment system for online payments is showcasing their offline POS payment system at SXSW.

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Paypal is hosting the SXSW Techset Blogger Lounge where they have a PayPal store and you can  download their PayPal app and shop at their store, Here are 5 things small businesses can learn from this PayPal Campaign. The small business solution is called PayPal Here

#idea 1 – Instead of giving away their swag they are demoing their app and letting you pay for it using their app for .01 cents. Neat idea

Idea 2- We know mobile payments are huge. if your small business POS can accept PayPal you really have your own “Starbucks App” folks just open their PayPal app and pay you

Idea 3: Paypal does your publicity for you. As you can see from the screenshot on this blog, your business becomes searchable based on the location of the PayPal user.  Last night we ate at the ClayPit Indian restaurant in Austin which also accepts PayPal. They even give direction to the business.

Idea 4: Consumers who are worried about  credit card fraud now don’t have to hand you their card, they can link a credit card to their Paypal account and pay you.

Idea 5: Deals and specials – The app has the ability to show you places nearby your location that not only offer PayPal payment but also your specials for customers.

I think the day is not far off when they will also give you reviews of the business and show social check-ins.

Check the PayPal app out for your business or personal use

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