ScheduleHead App – Get Help Scheduling Staff and Optimizing Their Time

There’s a new service, ScheduleHead which aims to help you schedule your staff and optimize who does want, when. Scheduling staff is not just about putting names on a spreadsheet but it’s about knowing whose best at the job and scheduling it in light of their earning potential.

You can check out more about ScheduleHead here –

According to ScheduleHead here’s its features…

It has a Brain – Schedulehead thinks like you do. It treats your employees like people and considers their skills and history.

It Judges – Schedulehead balances your senior workers among multiple events on the same day to ensure you get the right mix of staff.

It knows your workers –  Schedulehead rates your workers from 1 to 5 stars and rewards those who do best.

It talks – We’ll automatically reach out to your workers to get them signed up for and confirm their shifts – eliminate late arrivals and no-shows.

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