If Your Business Were Failing Who Would You Want To Advise You? Vote: Seth Godin or Simon Sinek #ICON14

If your business were failing who would you want to rescue it? Who would you want to advise you?

Seth Godin? Peter Shankman? J J Ramberg? Jay Baer? Clate Mask? Who?

In this list below are 23 of the most amazing speakers, thought leaders, thinkers and small business growth experts in this galaxy – all who are speaking at #ICON14, in Phoenix, April 24 – 25 (and this is not the entire list).

Vote which one you would like to fix your business if it were failing and express why.

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I’ll enter each submission into a drawing to receive a copy of the best seller, “Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing“, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook (Gary Vaynerchuk) and a one hour small business growth consultation with Ramon Ray.

#ICON14 is the ultimate event for small business success, where 3,000 or more small business owners will be at, including small business leaders like Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Clate Mask, Aliza Sherman, Heather Dopson, Jermaine Griggs (just typing his names makes me tingle) and so many more. #ICON14 is all about marketing and sales for small business growth.

Which one of these small business growth experts would you want to help save your business – and why? Enter your submission in the discussion section below the post to enter to win!

  1. Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft is one of the most level headed, smartest and passionate small business focused entrepreneurs around. His opening keynote will inspire, ignite and excite you to more growth.
  2. Simon SinekSimon Sinek is the ultimate go to go for leadership and business strategy. Best known for “Start with Why”, he’ll rock Infusionsoft with another thought provoking session to get your brain working to take your business to the next level.
  3. The “Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers with Lifecycle Marketing” breakout session will stimulate you to grow sales and boost your marketing fresh new ways. This guy is giving that session.
  4. Why spend a ton of money on getting a new customer, when you can spend a LITTLE bit of money getting a new lead and converting them to become a customer. Paul Tobey is going to help you get LOW COST LEADS and convert them to customers.
  5. Jay Baer opened my eyes to moving away from fancy and slick and just providing people ta TOOL “Youtitlity” that they can use and that leverages your brand. Make someone to HELP your customers and they’ll be your customers for life!
  6. Lunch time – is more than just eating. But you can talk with your mouth full – and laugh and cry with your peers all about the journey of small business success.
  7. Rachel RodgersStop trying to get new customers – put all your focus on getting the right leads – or attracting traffic! Bobby Edelman is going to help you understand how to do this better and better.
  8. Would you like to WORK LESS AND MAKE MORE MONEY! Yes indeed. Well Rachel Rodgers Esq will help you MINE the intellectual property in your business and monetize it!
  9. Small Business ICON – the small business ICON is that ONE person who best showcases the ULTIMATE of best practices, strategies and results in small business marketing. This session will have the FINALISTS present – you will learn so much from them!
  10. Peter Shankman is the ultimate media guy – who has built a business sold it and done so much more. He’ll tell you the practical ways to build your brand and so much more.
  11. Casey Graham of the Rocket Company will share his inside secrets, tips and best practices in what it takes to MARKET your business. To get a boat load of leads and a barrel full of new customers.
  12. Dennis YuIf  I was on a desert island and I could only bring one marketer with me, I’d probably bring Seth Godin (and have Gary Vaynerchuk on a cell phone and Daymond John on Skype). Seth is giving the Thursday keynote at #ICON14 and will knock your socks off and dentures out with inspiration and ideas to be a better marketer.
  13. John Acuff has worked with some BIG, BIG brands, including my favorite Dave Ramsey – he’s coming to #ICON14 to share his knowledge with how small business owners can leverage what big brands do, for small businesses.
  14. Facebook is a POWERFUL advertising and engagement tool. Dennis Yu will tell you what you need to know about it.
  15. Heather Dopson is the ultimate lady of social media. She’ll give you the real low down in how to use social media as a business tool to drive deeper engagement and loyalty to your customers.
  16. Chicken, Taxis and Sesame Street. Learn how to turn your customers into SUBSCRIBERS with Andrew Davis
  17. Everyone can write but few of us can drive sales with our writing and deliver great COPY. Danny Ivy, in one hour, will educate you how to write copy that gets the reader to do what you want.
  18. Do you wish all of your prospects would ONLY buy from you and nobody else? Sounds hard to believe right? Well comedian and Infusionite Dave Sherman is going to spill the beans on HOW To do this!
  19. Are your kids getting in the way of your business. Is your business topping your marriage from being fulfilled? Aliza Sherman is going to moderate warm panel of experts in how to balance WORK and family.
  20. As small business owners we spend too much time begging for folks to buy from us and not enough time NURTURING our prospects and getting them to know, like and trust us. Michael Goodman will share his best tips in how to warm up your prospects for the purchase.
  21. Wouldn’t it be great if all your executives (and you) had more character and more values? Ann Rhoads will share how to create a winning A team that’s built to last.
  22. So the customer bought from you. YEAHHHHH! But now what do you do, how do you delight them so their toes tingle and their teeth glisten in a smile? Scott Martineau, co-founder of Infusionsoft,  is going to give you the formula you need for ultimate customer success.
  23. America’s small business TV host, J J Ramberg, whose more than just a pretty face but has an entrepreneurial streak in her, will wow you with lessons learned from her show “MSNBC Your Business”.


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