Should You Trust A Startup With Your Data?

Everyone has challenges in securing their data. Big companies and small companies. What’s at least a little bit comforting is that big companies have teams and departments focused on managing and securing their enterprises.

The New York Times writes that for startups it’s more of a challenge. They’re strapped for funds and do not have the breadth of resources to secure their software.

What should small businesses do?

I love startups but for small business owners, it’s best to NOT dump your entire business into a startup. Give them a few years (or some reasonable amount of time) to mature, grow and use funding to enhance their security.

Two guys in a garage are awesome – but I don’t think you should let them hold your credit card data, personal customer data and etc.

The NY Times writes:

Government officials say the amount of data flowing through some young companies’ networks rivals what the government itself can collect. The danger, some officials note, is that government agencies have no jurisdiction to protect it, or even the ability to share classified threat information with the companies, leaving the onus to protect personal data from cybercriminals and nation-states upon the companies themselves.

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