Technology Does Not Have To Intimidate, If You Buy It With Thoughtful Planning, Says Brother Printer Exec

John Wandishin, VP of Marketing, Brother International discusses how small business owners don’t have to be intimidated by technology. He also advised to not buy technology without knowing what you want to do with technology. Don’t just by a tablet for the sake of buying i, for example,  but have a clear business purpose in mind for how it will help your business.

Watch our discussion here – or below

Maybe you’re looking to update your email marketing software. Think of WHY you want to upgrade it and/or what the problem is that you want the new software to solve.

Could it be that you need training in using what you already have? Maybe it’s that what you have is not working well. Could it be that the vendor has upgraded software (or hardware) that might make what you have operate better?

I met with John on the occasion of the release of Brother’s 5th annual small business survey

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