Why Hyper Niche Marketing Is Best For Small Business Marketing (Google Hangout with Casey Graham of Business Rocket)

Casey Graham founder of Business Rocket and The Rocket Company shares his top marketing best practices for small business owners.

  • Niches are where the riches are – instead of marketing broadly and serving a large segment, focus on going more niche and more focused.
  • Dominate your market and nail it before you scale it – instead of adding more products and services focus on dominating and adding value to a smaller market segment.
  • People will pay more than you think – If you offer intense value to your customers, they will pay a premium. If a customer spends $10,000 with you, ensure they get $50,000 (or whatever your numbers are) value from it.
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Watch our discussion here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QjyPQ8dULQ#t=44 or below:


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    Great interview. Casey was awesome.