Why This Small Athletic Company Doesn’t Want Customers

I recently had the opportunity to sit with Gonz Medina, co-founder of Blue Chip Athletic. They are a small, 20-person athletic sportswear company based in Kansas City, Missouri who have a passion for delighting their customers and treating each one as individuals with tender loving care. That’s a task that was much easier when their customer base was smaller, but with growth finding the systems and processes to manage that became a challenge that they tackled head on.

In a recent ClicZ article, I share the secret to Blue Chip Athletics success and how instead of spending time struggling to get a new customer they spend the bulk of their time generating new leads. Couple this with a solid CRM and marketing automation solution, and they are finding great success beyond what they could imagine.

Read the full article here to discover the steps that they are taking to increase their sales and marketing efforts.




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