Corel WordPerfect for iPad Launches…WordPerfect Still Going Strong

Like many older tech professionals (those of us about 30 years or older), you grew up on Corel’s Word Perfect. But over time Microsoft Word’s more feature rich and well marketed product, Microsoft Office took over market share.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Corel Wordperfect for iPad launched – but more pleasantly surprised to see that Corel Wordperfect is around and I would suppose doing well.

It’s my understanding that Wordperfect has a loyal following in legal professions and in the government.

The new WordPerfect iPad app is the official WordPerfect Office companion. It lets users open files in Dropbox, make edits and create PDFs and documents in a familiar WordPerfect interface. Users can save their work in a cloud service and continue working from their desktop by accessing their files from Dropbox.

Recently Corel also released the latest version of WordPerfect X7 as well.

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