Evernote and Moleskine Blend Ink and Camera To Archive and Share Paper Notes Better

Moleskin Evernote Notebook

Moleskin Evernote Notebook

Many professionals use Evernote to store their “brain” – to capture notes, receipts, file images and so much more. My friend Travis Campbell is an Evernote Nut. I started to use Evernote to capture notes, but then just stopped doing it as I was using my computer more.

Recently Moleskine developed a new notebook series that works hand in hand with Evernote (check out our Evernote tip sheet here).

According to the Moleskine web site Moleskine and Evernote have created a collection of notebooks with specially-designed pages meant for syncing, archiving and sharing the content of their paper notebooks using digital devices and now announce the arrival of the new Business Notebook specially conceived for the workplace.

On one hand I’m not sure if this more “gimmick” and marketing spin that really useful – but on the other hand if the new notebooks make using Evernote even better – this is definitely a win for those taking hand written notes but wanting to archive them in Evernote.

Here’s my tip list for note taking and digital storage of those notes

  • In most professional meetings taking notes with a pen and paper is more respectful of your audience; especially if you are actively engaged with the other party
  • It’s acceptable to use a computer or table (or etc) to take notes if that is a commonly agreed practice by the meeting participants. At Infusionsoft for example we often bring our computers to meetings and take notes
  • Archiving those notes is important, but what”s more important is ensuring you name the files correctly, save them to appropriate folders and are able to search within the files for keywords
  • Discipline yourself to review the notes in your notebook so they stay fresh and active in your mind
  • Read the Evernote help and support resources so you get the most out of the power of Evernote

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Here’s a full feature list of what the new integration brings:

Specially designed around a new feature rolled out in the latest update to Evernote for iOS, each page in the Business Notebook is divided in two sections that allow users to save and share public and private notes separately, keeping meeting minutes apart from personal reminders. Each page is also numbered to ease indexing and organization, whilst the tick box at the top sets reminders in Evernote automatically when checked on the page.
The Smart Stickers located in the back pocket bring tagging to the physical notebook; with each one customizable and instantly recognizable by Evernote’s Document Camera.
Use the Evernote Business Notebook as a contrasting background to capture a perfect image of business cards. Evernote automatically saves the contacts with information from LinkedIn and can also share your details in return. The back pocket of the notebook stores the physical business cards once they’ve been saved in Evernote.



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