How GPS Tracking Helps Small Vehicle Fleets Fire or Reward Employees (@Fleetmatics)

So you have a fleet of vehicles for your local delivery company, installation service or anything else. If you’re using paper and pen, or a spreadsheet to manage these vehicles you’re wasting money and/or being highly unproductive.

I spoke with the owner of Hidden Fence who told me that by using GPS tracking software for this fleet of vehicles, he’s able to save time, save money and overall be more productive. Those business owners who are not using technology to manage their fleet are wasting fuel, increasing costs and overall not squeezing every bit of profit they can from each vehicle.

One more thing we often don’t realize is that vehicle tracking technology can help you reward good drivers and re-train or fire bad drivers. Furthermore GPS tracking is a powerful tool to boost customer service.

Check out my interview the CTO of Fleetmatics (maker of GPS tracking software) here or below.


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