Is It Time To Stop Using Checks? GoDaddy and Dwolla Encourage Move Electronic Payments

I was at my local Shopright last week and saw an older lady pull out her check book and write a check (cheque) for groceries. On one hand, it is quite “old fashioned” to write a check, but on the other hand, I bet that lady has little, if any debt. Yesterday I was at the auto body shop and a lady brought about $2,000 in cash to pay for something.

Cash and checks are nice – but they slow things down and are not so secure.

GoDaddy recently partnered with Dwolla to make it even easier to send and receipt payments. Dwolla competes with Paypal and Zipmark and makes it easy for you to send money to others and for others to send you money.

What’s nice about this partnership is that it

  • Extends GoDaddy’s offering to small business owners – lots of offerings from one company
  • It validates Dwolla and gives users more peace to use this relatively young company’s services
  • The partnership will grow and mature the market for online payments

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