New Contact Widget from Nimble Makes Management Of Your Contact’s Easier

In the world of information overload, tools should make it easy for you to manage contacts and get all the information in one place. When you are looking for information on a business contact, you usually have to use a plethora of tools to get more information and connect with them. Last week I saw a demo for a new widget that Nimble – a CRM company is releasing today- that you can install on your Chrome Browser.

When you see a name anywhere on your browser the new Nimble widget allows you to right click and search for that person and enables you to take action by communicating with contacts,  add task, and follow-ups directly within the widget itself.

Here are 5 reasons why Nimble will be useful to your small business :

  1. Setting an engagement calendar. You can choose a contact and specify how often you would like to be in  touch with them – weekly, once a month, annually.
  2. Add new people into your Nimble Contact list from a simple search through your browser
  3. Using Nimble to consolidate all your connections from different networks and having a simple and neat inbox
  4. Tag and manage your contacts for easy retrieval
  5. Manage your networks in one place and schedule or set tasks for each connection

I tried the new Nimble widget  with a search for Ramon Ray and at once Nimble’s engine told me that Ramon matches my keyword for contacts and offered to mark this contact as important. I also scheduled a follow-up with Ramon weekly and wrote a note about the connection and if I wanted to I could create a task or setup a deal.

My recommendation is to try Nimble and the inclusion of this new widget has made your business contacts much easier to manage and grow.


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Shashi Bellamkonda is a Speaker and Digital Marketing Expert and he is the Vice President, Digital Marketing at The Bozzuto Group whose mission statement is " the best real estate company in America." Bellamkonda is also an Adjunct faculty member of Georgetown University. After several years of enriching experience in the hospitality industry which also included being a chef, Shashi transformed his hobby of computers and technology to his career working in areas like Customer service, Program Management, Digital marketing and Social Media.

2 thoughts on “New Contact Widget from Nimble Makes Management Of Your Contact’s Easier

  1. Jon Ferrara

    Shashi – Thank you for sharing our Nimble update with your community! We really believe that your personal brand and professional network are key to your professional networth. Relationships really matter and that the more digital we get the more human we need to be. Nurture your network to grow your business!



    Jon Ferrara
    CEO | Nimble – Social Relationships, Made Easy.
    Twitter @jon_ferrara |

  2. Chad Stewart

    Nimble gets me excited again about CRM. For years, CRM was blah, blah, blah.Anyone who had been around for a while knows what I mean. Now, Nimble enters the game. And, clearly addresses the needs of the small business owner more than any other tools today. It’s about relationships. And, Nimble allows you to grow and manage them.


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