New Hiring Service To Help Non HR Professionals: YouAreHR

YouAreHR has launched, an online service that makes it simple for non-HR professionals to identify, review, and hire employees for their businesses. turns the complicated process of hiring new employees into a streamlined process that hiring managers can use to fill personnel vacancies. lets your company collect job applications and evaluate potential employees online. Alternatively, business managers can add a custom YouAreHR “help wanted” section to the company website.

Founded by Alex Kolesnichenko, I asked him for more information.

What are businesses using who are NOT using YouAreHR.

1.       Usually businesses do not use anything at all. The smaller, the younger the company, chances are every round of requiting  is pretty chaotic.

That said, of course, we’re not the only company that targets this audience and not all target companies are unaware of applicant tracking software and services. The Resumator, RecruiterBox, ZOHO are targeting this market and we see people using it. As businesses grow, they start looking into more comprehensive solutions, where applicant tracking is just a feature, not a product.

What are they missing if not using an HR management tool?

2.       Well, first of all, companies that do not use any tools for recruitment process are spending a lot of their time dealing with miscommunications surrounding recruiting, data and feedback collection and organization, complexities of time management (especially if company looks outside their local job market for new hires).

Hiring wrong people is pretty expensive in the long run.

YouAreHR establishes a pipeline for hiring people. We guide the company by establishing well-defined recruitment stages, collect information and team feedback, help with scheduling. We put recruitment-related communications and data into one place, so companies would make an educated hiring decision. On top of that, all our offerings are very transparent, we don’t require any mandatory sales calls – we are always there to help out with your recruitment process, you may even schedule a call with us for free, if you need help. In case if the company is done with recruitment, they may stop using our service and we’ll preserve their data for free, so they could jump-start their new recruitment season.

What about using Monster or other hiring services

3.       Monster is a gigantic job board with additional services they offer to companies. It’s probably great for mid-to-large-size companies, but they might be out-of-reach for small biz. I do see that one of our customers had posted their listing on Monster and linked to our intake form. Usually companies simply post their job ads on Craigslist, their sites, small job boards, on Facebook or Twitter. WRT hiring services – for temps, maybe, but not for your core staff. There you want to control all steps of recruitment and where we come in handy.

What are your best practices for hiring the right candidate?

4.       We’re preaching staged approach to recruitment – the company should go through the pre-screen, phone screen, then face-to-face.

  • Our default template for a job opening contains all of these.
  • Most of the filtering should be done during pre-screen and phone screen, so we suggest for teams to sit down and come up with a decent number of questions that they think are important for making quick decision to reject an applicant – this will save tremendous amount of time otherwise spent on meeting face-to-face. Use our pre-screen forms and phone screen questionnaires for that.
  • Only a small fraction of potential hires should make it to face-to-face stage.
  • There also – have a general plan for interviews, so you would compare apples-to-apples when choosing between candidates.
  • Use our calendar to make sure everybody’s on the same page.
  • We even handle situations when applicants are in a different time zone. There should not be an excuse for missed appointments, because it wastes everybody’s time.
  • Last but not the least – keep all data and feedback on candidates in one place. There should not be a situation when you’re trying to make a hiring decision by combing through everybody’s emails, trying to find resumes or thoughts after the interview.
  • We also urge people to read on how other companies are dealing with their hiring – it’s always very interesting to see how fellow entrepreneurs are solving this problem.
  • We have a (currently) small section of featured articles we’re collecting on, where we link to articles in biz publications that touch this topic.

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