Ready To Pick Mobile Prospects For Your Next Mobile Marketing Campaign? 4INFO and Acxiom Make It Easier.

Sure, there’s lots of eyeballs fixed on computers – but the audience of mobile customers and prospects is much larger and growing.

It’s time you consider how you can best target mobile users for your next marketing campaign.

A successful marketing campaign is of course much more than a list – it’s also about your marketing copy as Danny Inny of Firepole Marketing said at #ICON14 and drawing your prospects through a sales funnel – until they buy from you and then wowing them so they buy from you again and tell others. (see Lifecycle Marketing for more information on this)

Acxiom works with very large companies to take their lists and add more data to them. For example, Acxiom can take an email address and add a phone number to it, or a postal address and an add email address to it.

The is a self-serve, marketing platform for small businesses to conveniently order direct mail lists and email marketing services, and most recently, mobile advertising campaigns – all in on portal.

Based on their web site, here’s how Acxiom’s new mobile advertising platform works.

1)     Choose from 3 mobile campaign packages starting as low as $297 — A 14-day mobile campaign option is ideal for one-time events; 30 and 90-day campaign options work well for multiple or ongoing promotions.
2)     Choose a target area — Select the geographic area of the targeted individuals (mobile campaigns require a minimum of 9,000 records)
3)     Define the target audience — Businesses select from robust targeting options using Acxiom’s trusted customer data including demographics, lifestyle interests and purchase behavior.
4)     Create a banner ad with Mobile Ad Creator tool — The no-skills-required tool enables small businesses to design professional-looking ads to fit the common ad placement dimension (320×50 pixels) or upload an existing ad.  Businesses have the flexibility to change creative images and promotional messaging throughout a campaign.

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