Repeat Customers Are Awesome. Paper Loyalty Cards Don’t Work. Huzzah Has A Solution

I have loyalty cards for Walgreens, CVS, Rockin’ Joe’s Cafe, Pathmark and a few other retailers.

I never carry the reward cards in my wallet so if I can input my telephone number, great, if I can’t then I don’t buy the item I wanted or more likely than not I just pay the additional money for what I want.

Huzzah has a neat loyalty reward system, which is only $1 a month to try out. It’s regularly $70 a month.

When you sign up for Huzzah they send you an iPad.

Your customers download the Huzzah app and when they visit your store they scan their loyalty card barcode or the barcode on their phone on your Huzzah supplied iPad. After they earn the required number of points they can redeem them for a variety of rewards from your business.

Do you like rewards? Do you like repeat business? Try out a digital rewards system.

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