Should Phone Companies Force You To Get Rid of Old Phone Lines?

While many of  us are leveraging digital phone systems in our homes, home offices and corporate offices, there’s a number of folks who are using circuit switched (old fashioned) telephone lines for communications.

A Wall Street Journal article reads, “AT&T says the transition will create faster, cheaper networks that speed creation of improved high-definition voice and video calling. Circuit-switched phone networks require separate, point-to-point connections for each call. Because Internet protocol systems zap traffic in small packets, AT&T could reduce the number of places where it hands off traffic to other carriers to a handful from thousands now”.

If you’re still using old school telephone lines for your communications be in serious consideration to update and leverage the advantage of higher speed, digital, data lines.

What are those advantages:

  • Faster communications
  • Ability to more easily connect multiple devices to the Internet
  • Leverage software based voice communications (voice mail as email for example)
  • and other benefits

Read the entire WSJ article to get both sides of the issue, but overall, for sure, broadband, digital lines or much better for small businesses than old fashioned circuit switched telephone lines.

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