Tactile, New Salesforce App, Adds Team Synchronization and Better Collaboration To Sales Teams

Tactile is a new app, by a former Salesforce executive, which gives sales executives an easy to way keep track of their contacts, synchronization information between sales staff and connect with the social information of a contact.

According to the press release: “The company’s technology and approach is a natural fit for customer relationship management (CRM), which is notorious for low salesperson adoption. The company’s first mobile app, Tact, syncs a sales professional’s essential business data from email, calendars, tasks, contacts, LinkedIn, and Salesforce. With all this disparate information linked and available in one place, salespeople can better prepare for, capture and follow-up on their daily conversations, creating deeper relationships and ultimately, greater personal success. Further, with a simple swipe, important details can be synced back to the company, giving management the visibility they want.”

Check out this video of Tacticle here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXT2iuzbCWo&feature=youtu.be or below

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