We’re Heading to ICON14 and Bringing YOUR Questions With Us!

Next week Ramon Ray and I will be heading to one of the most anticipated small business conference of the year, ICON14 (formerly known as Infusioncon). This 3-day conference, hosted by Infusionsoft, runs from April 23rd to April 25th and is packed with big ideas, powerful strategies and actionable insights to grow your business. Covering everything from Marketing, Social Media, Biz Dev and so much more this is THE conference for big ideas that will bring big results to your business. My main goal of being at ICON14 is to get information for YOU…the Smallbiztechnology.com reader!

If you want to come, there is still time to buy tickets . Can’t make it? Well – here’s your chance to ask the questions you want answers to from small business influencers and those running some very successful small businesses. These are the people who’ve experienced what you experience every day as someone running a small business and they’ve found a way to succeed! So, take a few minutes to share what you want to know and the questions you want answers to and I’ll ask them at ICON14!

Ask Your Questions and We’ll Get Answers

There will be plenty of speakers at ICON14, sharing small business insights in various informational sessions, but there will also be countless other companies, small business owners and entrepreneurs attending who will be ready to network and give interviews. No matter who we end up interviewing, we’d also like to go to ICON14 equipped with a selection of questions that YOU, the readers, want asked. If you were the interviewer, who would you want to interview and what questions would you want answers to? What small business topics do you want to see us cover? What things do you want to know regarding starting, growing, and sustaining a successful small business?

With a little bit input we can tailor our interviews and questions to get the information that YOU, our valued Small Biz Technology readers, find most interesting, valuable and essential. Please take a few seconds to check out the ICON14 site and submit what questions you want answers to and who you’d like to hear from! You can post your comments in the comment box below,  post them on our Facebook page  or send us a direct message on Twitter: @Gemini52469 or @ramonray

Thanks in advance for your input, and here’s to a successful ICON14 and getting YOU the information you need to help create success in YOUR small business!

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Carolyn Crummey is a business and technology strategist and the owner of VirTasktic (www.virtasktic.com), an agency dedicated to providing high-level virtual services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. A lover of technology and small business, Carolyn has built a career on the intelligent use of technology to increase business efficiency and productivity, which ultimately leads to greater profitability. Carolyn works closely with her clients to understand their challenges and helps them integrate the best technology solutions into their businesses so they too can enjoy great successes. You can follow Carolyn on Twitter at @CarolynCrummey or @VirTasktic.

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