What’s Your Marketing Score? Free Tool To Grade Your Marketing and Get Expert Advice: SmallBizMarketingScore.Com

Online marketing is easy – yet challenging at the same time. It’s pretty easy to create a Facebook page, but having profitable business success through that Facebook page can be elusive (see The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing).

You know you can buy advertising – that’s easy. But how do you ensure the ad is working and generating sales.

Tweeting is pretty easy – but how do you “Tweet” so that it drives online engagement and business results.?

There’s a new free tool from Infusionsoft – the Small Business Sales and Marketing Score Card, which is designed to grade elements of your marketing and give you guidance in what to do better.

The Score Card is based on Infusionsoft’s popular (and free) Lifecycle Marketing process comprised of Attract, Sell and Wow.

Greg Head, Infusionsoft’s chief marketing officer, says the tool helps small business owners overcome the daunting task of creating a powerful sales and marketing strategyBy entering their website URL into the tool, businesses receive a grade on the Attract phase. The Scorecard then guides small business owners through a quick Q&A about the other two areas of Lifecycle Marketing: Sell and Wow. At the end of the test, Infusionsoft will provide free resources to help the small business owner put a sales and marketing plan in place, resulting in immediate, meaningful improvements.



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  • http://FundraisingCoach.com marcapitman

    Out of curiosity, what is the link to the tool? Is it the URL in the title?

    • http://Smallbiztechnology.com/ Ramon Ray

      Hi Marc – link it http://www.smallbizmarketingscore.com – thanks for allowing me to clarify

      • http://FundraisingCoach.com marcapitman

        Sure thing. Thanks for pointing this tool out!