Why Are Etsy Customers Happy? Etsy Buys Grand Street. Small Business eCommerce Grows.

Grand St. is online marketplace for creatively-designed technology goods. Etsy is a marketplace for local artisans to sell their hand made goods.

In a deal valued at $10 million, as reported by Crains, Etsy bought Grand St.

This acquisition gives Etsy a larger platform for it’s merchants to sell and adds value to Grand St. merchants as well.

The value of any marketplace is two fold a) the products within the marketplace (aka Amazon.com) and the customers who are browsing and buying in the market place.

For small business owners who are creating awesome products, there are a variety of options to sell their goods. Etsy, Grand St. Amazon.com, eBay and more are some of the big marketplaces.

Beyond just listing your products on these marketplaces it’s also important that your listing is done right – use good photos, be very descriptive, offer awesome customer service and do your own marketing (don’t just rely on the marketplace)


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  • http://smallerthan500.com/ Aaron Kantrowitz

    Etsy has done wonders for small business owners and entrepreneurs alike. I’m glad to see it continue with Grand St.