Can Robly Email Marketing Steal Constant Contact’s Dissatisfied Customers?

Robly is a new email marketing service, based in New York and San Francisco, targeting dissatisfied Constant Contact customers.

Robly’s co-founders have built an email marketing service that they claim is easier to use than Constant Contact, with rich features like Mail Chimp and with great support like Rackspace (this analogy is mine – not theirs).

There’s lots of great email marketing services around, but none have the bold and public marketing plan that Robly does. It reminds me of Marc Benioff (founder of Sales Force) ridiculing software, Microsoft and etc. He did this for years and finally – “online software” has taken off.

Adam Robinson, Robly’s CEO and cofounder shared with me that one of his main marketing strategies is to surgically target larger, dissatisfied Constant Contact customers. Adam is aiming to offer a better service at a lower price.

You can watch the the interview Adam and Ramon Ray below or here.

Some popular email marketing services include Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Emma and Campaigner.

All email marketing services, at the basic level, give you templates, let you store customer email address and send out emails to your customers. This is where things start to get different – pricing at a certain level is different, template design is different, the interface of the systems are different and more.

Stealing customer from Constant Contact won’t be easy.

Constant Contact is one of the leading providers of email marketing services – they continue to be the market leader, deservedly so. However, Adam feels that they’ve grown so big, there’s an opening for fresh startups like his to give small businesses what they want – better service, lower cost and better support. Adam also feels that because Constant Contact is public, they have to focus on growth, beyond email marketing, which leaves their email marketing customers lacking.

In regard to Mail Chimp, they are the market leader in amazing email marketing features and Robly is keen to ensure its email marketing service continues to offer first in class email marketing features.

Adam also explained that for Constant Constant customers migrating to Robly, Robly will do EVERYTHING for the customer to migrate them to Robly – this includes migrating templates, contacts and whatever else is needed to get a Constant Contact customer running on Robly.

David and Goliath…let the battle begin.

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  1. David Auren

    it all sounds great, i even got a postcard in the mail today, too bad the phone number listed on their postcard is not in service … #badfirstimpression


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